◎ Pellevita Feature

     펠레비타 (파티오 히터)

• Genuine, natural wood fire without smoke and smell, safe, clean and comfortable 

• Sustainable and climate-friendly fuel 

• Fill once with 5 kg pellets and enjoy 3 hours of warmth and an exclusive ambience 

• Extends the terrace season 

• Operates without electricity 

• Suitable for roofed terraces and balconies 

• Ignition from above with conventional grill igniters or fuel paste 

• Accessories for cleaning the grate included 

• Integrated ash bin 

• Attachment for operation in wind or rain included in scope of delivery 

• Wheels on the bottom for easy movement

Pellematic eMax

Pellematic Smart_e


랩뷰 개발, 의류용 프린터, 스털링 엔진, 펠렛 보일러, 자외선 살균

랩뷰 개발, 코닛 의류용 프린터, 큐너지 스털링 엔진, 오코펜 펠렛 난로 보일러, 아틀란티움 UV 자외선 살균